Advocate appeals ruling in case of suspected terrorist

DESPITE the handing over of Islamist rebel leader Jamil Mukulu to Ugandan authorities, defence lawyer Martin Rwehumbiza is still determined to proceed with the appeal against the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court that ordered the extradition of the suspect. Mr Rwehumbiza told the ‘Daily News’ in an exclusive interview that he has already lodged an appeal at the High Court since last Friday.

“The file of the case was transferred yesterday to the High Court waiting for an assignment by the judgr-incharge,” said the lawyer. He pointed out that upon the judges assignment the prosecution and defence will be summoned to court for the hearing of the appeal. This comes after Principal Resident Magistrate, Cyprian Mkeha while issuing his ruling ordering that Mukulu be returned in Uganda to face trial of murder charges that he is facing.

Mukulu had told the court that he was not satisfied with the ruling and therefore requested for an appeal. “I humbly request this honourable court to be returned in remand custody while I wait my appeal application to be processed,” said Mukulu.

Magistrate Mkeha gave an order for Mukulu to be remanded pending his appeal and the court to do necessary procedures to help him file this issue.

Mukulu allegedly founded the group in the 1990s with the aim of toppling the Ugandan government. Since then, he and his fighters have swept across Uganda and eastern DR Congo, killing thousands of people, mainly civilians, aid officials say.
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