'No bribe money has been raised'

THE President's Office, Public Service Management, has refuted the information paraded in social networks claiming that the office is responsible for organizing a meeting in order to raise money to enable one of the presidential aspirants to succeed.

According to a statement released by the Government Communication Department in the President’s Office (Public Service Management) it is falsely alleged that the money raised would have be passed to certain people as bribes during the process of finding a candidate for the presidency.

According to the statement, no such session was held on July 3, this year, in the President's Office (Public Service Management) in order to raise money for the election process.

The practice, after all, is not allowed by the code of ethics that governs public service. Also the position of the alleged fund raiser, which is claimed to be that of commissioner, does not exist in the President’s Office, Public Service Management.

Furthermore, the person known as Mkwizu, who is alleged to be an Acting Permanent Secretary, and who is claimed to have coordinated the meeting is actually not a commissioner and was not present at the office from June 25 to July 5.

This official was actually in Estonia on a study tour involving the implementation of government networks. Thus, the office requires the general public to ignore these allegations which have no truth whatsoever.

Social networks which carry wrong information have been ordered to stop parading false facts simply for the purpose of misleading citizens.

This is especially critical at this particular period as the nation heads for the general elections. The issue of professionalism is important to consider in order to avoid conflicts through false information, or raising issues that do not exist.
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