Grand fete for Magufuli in Dar

BRAVING the scorching sun, thousands of Dar es Salaam residents thronged the Mbagala Zakhem Grounds on Tuesday to greet and listen to the CCM Union presidential flag bearer, Dr John Pombe Magufuli, since his nomination to vie for the top post of the land.

Dr Magufuli and his running mate, Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan, were introduced to the people before they addressed the mammoth gathering.

The venue was so packed that it was impossible for the incumbent Works Minister and his running mate to leave by using the same way he came in, prompting his security detail to take a different course that cut across residential houses up to the main road.

The two had to be whisked away at the end of the ceremony as the crowd swarmed towards Dr Magufuli and Ms Suluhu, hoping for a handshake or at least a closer glimpse.

Journalists had to push and shove their way through the packed crowd to ensure they caught up with the CCM presidential convoy before getting trapped in the long traffic jam.

In his speech, which was punctuated by a wild acclaim, Dr Magufuli promised Dar es Salaam resident that he will not fail them, adding that he will fear no one in ensuring that the public, especially those in the lower income bracket, benefited from the country’s development.

“I know there is rampant oppression... unjust treatment to a segment of the public, especially petty traders, bodaboda operators many more.... I will work to get rid of such injustice and oppression so that we all enjoy this country’s fruits,” he pledged.

The presidential candidate further pledged to protect and uphold the country’s peace and unity as it has been in the past. He said that through the CCM election manifesto, he will ensure good progress in the health, road, railway, water, industrial and agricultural sectors mentioned in the manifesto to benefit all the people regardless of their political affiliation.

“As I am standing under this scorching sun with you today, I promise that I will work hard. I pledge to you hard work and development,” he stressed, adding that government officials who do not deliver accordingly will be taken to task.

“Tanzanians want development that will benefit all, including those at the grassroots level regardless of their political ideology and affiliation to any other party. CCM is the only party that can bring true development,” he told the gathering.

Earlier, Ms Suluhu, who spoke very briefly, promised to work hand in hand with Dr Magufuli in taking the country to the next level, stressing that ‘Tingatinga’ (bulldozers) are meant to clear the way, in reference to one of Dr Magufuli’s nicknames.

Introducing Dr Magufuli, CCM Secretary General Abdulrahman Kinana said the ruling party has indeed fulfilled the 50/50 gender parity requirement by paving the way for a first ever woman vice-president ahead of the new constitution.

He said now that the presidential nomination process is over, the limelight has shifted to the Parliament and the councils, urging those who are interested to run for parliament or councils to turn up in big numbers.

The Dar es Salaam Regional CCM Chairman, Mr Ramadhani Madabida, said the huge turn-out showed how Dar es Salaam residents are pleased with the CCM’s choice of Union presidential flag bearer in the forthcoming general elections.
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