Okwi's indispensability to halt Simba in title pursuit

Emmanuel Okwiri �Okwi�
 Mainland football transfer window has seen players coming in and going out of the country as clubs gained and lost their potential players.
Simba will have to make to do without striker Emmanuel Okwiri ‘Okwi’ whose degree of indispensability for the club is second to none.
Okwi used to be the kind of a striker who not only gave confidence his playmates but the supporters on the stands too. Downplayed in Kampala, Okwi used to be rare treasure within Simba. Even Simba archrivals had to think twice when playing against Simba with Okwi in the starting line-up. Let the Ugandans mock Okwi but for Simba the absence of him has been huge detrimental.
The impact Emmanuel Okwi's move to Denmark will have on Simba will only be known at the end of the yet to be begin season; but for many Simba fans it is understandable to feel a deep sense of loss. 
How Simba will go about finding an adequate replacement for the Ugandan striker is a crucial part of where they want to be, come next season. Finding a perfect replacement for Okwi is very hard given his quality and the players available on the market.
With Okwi departure, Simba will be different side this season particularly up front. He was, by far, Simba's best player last season, so finding someone with his prowess and ability will be a tall order
SImba will have to find another player who can, quite simply, score. Okwi scored ten goals in 24 games last season. Former Yanga striker, also like Okwi is from Uganda, Hamisi Kiiza has already been signed as a possible replacement. 
Kiiza who had a good three-year stay at Jangwani, is  slightly better marksman than Okwi and  no wonder can match the number of goals Okwi scored for Simba last season.
However, while Kiiza can be as good as Okwi in goal scoring terms, Okwi brought more than just goals. He was a playmaker. He was involved in more than 80 per cent of all the goals Simba scored last season by either scoring or providing the first or second assist. On top of that, Okwi's goals were some of the best goals in the Mainland premier league. His outrageous goal against Yanga in the Dar derby is simply one of the best in the long history of the derby.
Even in his bad day in office, Okwi's presence on the pitch was still an advantage to Simba as opponents had to be very cautious of his instinctive turns. Okwi's unpredictability meant opposition's defenders had all their eyes set on him which gave other players space to breath.
It was apparent to all that Okwi's mere presence on the pitch dared Simba fans to be more vocal and confident. He gave Simba fans the confidence to cheer their team. The moment he had the ball, Simba fans became vociferous which scared the not so experienced opponents. All that has gone.
In the end, Simba will have to admit a pound-for-pound replacement for the talented Ugandan striker is practically non-existent. The over 200m/- realised from the sale of Okwi can be used in strengthening the squad in lots of various positions; strengthening the entire squad to cover the inherent weaknesses we saw last year. Simba have to do that because you’re hardly going to get anyone better than Okwi in the region at the moment. 
Last but not least, we should not forget to commend Simba for not getting in the way of Okwi's search for green pastures abroad. The two parties have parted ways in the best of terms leaving room for Okwi's return if things don't go well in Denmark. 
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