Decline in Students Puts CBE in Serious Financial Constraint

Talking at the weekend during the 50th graduation ceremony held at the college grounds, the CBE Board Chairman, Mr Mathew Luhanga hinted that the institute entirely depended on school fees for its daily running.
In this case, a drop in student enrollment also created serious problems, making them ineffective in accomplishing their targets. “The number of students enrolled to the college declining every year, leading to shortage of funds to run the college which depends on student fees on its routine activities,” he said.
He said the decline in recruitment of new students is caused by increasing number of private colleges and universities in recent years.
Luhanga said in order to resolve the challenge, the college is determined to provide best quality education by introducing new courses which match with market needs “This will attract more students who always select courses depending on the needs of the labor market,” said Mr Luhanga.
On infrastructure challenges, the Board Chairman said it happened after the government reduced its subsidy for capital expenditure on college projects which led to use of fees for development projects like construction of lecture halls.
Speaking at the occasion, the guest of honor, Bahi District Commissioner, Francis Mwonga promised to take the challenges to higher authorities for further action.
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