Chande calls for integrity, code of ethics and justice

The Chief Justice Mohamed Chande Othman
 The Chief Justice Mohamed Chande Othman   yesterday called on the newly admitted advocates to adhere to professional ethics while defending their clients and refrain from malpractices that tarnish the image of the judiciary.
The CJ made the call in Dar es Salaam when speaking at a colourful ceremony to admit 104 new advocates.
The newly 104 advocates boost the number of the legal practitioners’ cadre to 5,107 in Tanzania.
Chande cited integrity, code of ethics, justice and responsibilities as key factors that would make new advocates to realise people’s expectations.
Other issues include truth, whereby advocates need to tell their clients the truth when dealing with their case as it would reduce the accumulation of cases.
Also he said that they have to ensure they finalised all cases in good quality without bullying or bias.
On his part, Attorney General of the United Republic of Tanzania, George Masaju argued those advocates employed in private sectors and who aspired to be employed there to ensure that they observe the practicing rules and proceeding governing advocates who serve in public service and institutions.
“These require such advocates to refrain from practicing as private advocates while serving in public service , in order to avoid conflict of interest” Masaju said.
“In Tanzania advocates are mainly regulated by the Advocates Act, Cap 341 of the laws of Tanzania, the Tanganyika Law Society Act as well as Rules of professional conduct and etiquette of the Tanganyika Law of Society”
He elaborated that under the Advocates Act, an advocates is defined as any person who have been registered in accordance with the law so they are required to discharge their duties in an ethical manner.
Meanwhile , he said a lot of people they have no access to legal survives because of ignorance and poverty so they have significance role to play in promoting access to justice for all through legal aid.
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