Clerics appeal for national peace, unity

 Clerics in Zanzibar yesterday urged Tanzanians to ensure that national peace and unity were  maintained for the well-being of the country.
In his message during Christmas mass at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) Mwanakwelekwe in Zanzibar, Rev. Shukuru Steven Maloda described peace as an important tool for the country’s swift socio-economic development.
He noted that despite existing election challenge in the Isles the public should remain calm, praying for national peace and love.
Rev. Maloda said: “Peace and unity are pillars for Zanzibar development and its people.”
He urged Tanzanians to work together in promoting national peace and harmony in order to build an atmosphere of national unity so that the country continues to be an island of peace.
“Peace and love are important pillars in the life of human beings, therefore it is important for believers of all religions in the country to preach peace and love and stay away from evils,” the reverend emphasized.
Dr. Augustino Shao, bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese of Zanzibar said the government and the public have responsibility of promoting existing peace so that it can continue for many years to come.
The bishop commended efforts of fighting corruption among the public servants by President John Magufuli, noting that it should be followed by the leadership as a whole so as to uplift the country from poverty.
He alerted that we still have long way to go to reach a good life for every Tanzanian. “This needs more government efforts to bring back good hope to Tanzanians,” the bishop declared.
He asked believers to celebrate Christmas by helping others who are suffering with poverty.
The Anglican bishop of Zanzibar, Rt. Rev. Hafidh Michael called up on the public to form the habit of protecting environmental for future generations.
The bishop said that cleaning environments needs to be given special attention in daily life and not wait until it is forced upon people by the national leader.
In his Christmas massage Bishop Hafidh urged the public to continue praying for national peace because no development can be obtained in the country if there is no peace.
Believers were asked to mark the holiday without involving in criminal offences and breaches of ethics.
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