Political goodwill marks Zanzibar standoff talks

According to a statement from the Directorate of Presidential Communication, the meeting was also attended by the Vice- President, Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan. The president said the ongoing discussions were providing an opportunity for peace and tranquility to prevail as well as safeguard the good image of the nation.
Both leaders urged the public to be patient and provide a chance for the discussions that are ongoing to reach amicable and peaceful solution, stressing that CCM and CUF will not fail to find a sustainable solution to the political situation in the Isles.
Earlier, Mr Hamad had briefed Dr Magufuli on the situation in the Isles to which Dr Magufuli expressed appreciation, urging the first vicepresident to continue with the discussions aimed at finding an amicable solution.
Dr Magufuli commended the Zanzibar President Ali Mohamed Shein, Mr Hamad and other leaders for engaging in the dialogue to address the political situation and restore peace in the Isles.
He also commended the people of Zanzibar for maintaining peace and harmony as their leaders were working hard to find sustainable solutions to the current situation. In October, the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC) cancelled the general election in the Isles and its results, claiming it was marred with irregularities.
ZEC Chairman Mr Jecha Salim Jecha explained that the election was not free and violated laws and regulations of elections, including doublevoting and cheating. He had also accused ZEC commissioners of partisanship.
The move elicited strong reaction from Mr Hamad, the CUF presidential candidate, who opposed the move, saying the elections were free and fair and self-proclaimed himself the winner of the presidential poll.
As high-level leaders engage in discussions to find an amicable solution to the political stand-off in Zanzibar, the situation at the moment is calm with the people going on with their daily activities peacefully.
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