School owners body denies reported threat to close the schools.

Deputy Secretary General of Tanzania Private Investors in Education (TAPIE), Albert Katagira.
A day after the government refuted reports that it had placed a school fees cap for private schools, now owners of private schools in the country deny that they had ever threatened to close their schools in protest of the supposed fee cap.
Deputy Secretary General of Tanzania Private Investors in Education (TAPIE), Albert Katagira, clarified to reporters yesterday in Dar es Salaam that they have no intention to close their schools because according to him “there is no misunderstanding between them and the government.”
He said all government directives about school fees and other contributions referenced in government secular number 4 of 2008 are correct and by the law.
“They were simply directives on how to run schools, and it was clear and is now well known by school owners,” he added. 
He said via the document that the government set regulations for school owners to follow when they want to increase school fees.
“When school owners want to increase fees, the regulations require him or her to seat with students and parents and tell them the reason they want to hike the fess,” he detailed.
“If they agree then she/he must also consult the school’s board and if the board affirms then the owner is to inform the Commissioner of Education before implementation of the new fees,” he went on to explain.
Katagira who is also the Tusiime schools Managing Director, commended the procedures set by the government because, “...they involved many education development stakeholders in the country and all school owners follow them closely,” he said.
 Katagira said private school owners also applaud government efforts to continue providing them with favourable environment to run their schools.
 “I believe the government recognizes contribution of the private sector in providing quality education which will enable students to be competent in the global market ….we pledge to continue working closely with government in making sure that our children get education that will help our nation in future,” he said.
Meanwhile, Katagira also commended the government for involving them in the Student Unit Cost research for primary and secondary schools.
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