TPA defends Tanga, Mtwara ports

Acting Corporate Affairs Manager at TPA, Janeth Ruzangi
 The Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) has refuted claims by a Swahili daily paper that with the ongoing crackdown at the Dar port, tax evaders have turned to Mtwara and Tanga ports.
 On December 19 this year, the paper (named withheld) claimed that coal consignments from South Africa find their way into the country through the Mtwara port.
 It also alleged that substandard shipments of sugar are brought into the country through the Tanga port where they are reloaded in new bags and labeled as Tanzanian produced sugar.
“The containers are offloaded without Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) inspection,” alleged the newspaper.
 However, in a media statement issued yesterday by the Acting Corporate Affairs Manager at TPA,  Janeth Ruzangi, the authority maintained that “ information in the newspaper is wrong and misleading.”
 “The Tanga port adheres to all TPA and TRA regulations and laws,” Ruzangi said in the statement.
“It is not possible to hand over clients’ consignments without verifying all required documents from TRA, the shipping agency and TPA to make sure that all fees have been paid,” Ruzangi emphasized noting that; “all coal importers passing through the Tanga port are known.” 
According to the statement, the coal consignment through the Mtwara port was used by Dangote Cement and all duties were paid. 
 According to the statement, a total of 77,495.160 tonnes of coal passed through the Tanga port in 2015; “of those, 50,004.164 tonnes belong to Maweni Limestone Co. Ltd and 27,491.00 tonnes were imported by Tanga Cement,” the TPA statement details and insists that all duties and levies concerning the consignment were paid.
Ruzangi also clarified that; “It is inappropriate to associate the Tanga port with sugar because no such commodity has passed through the port in the past ten years.”  
 The statement stressed that all duties and levies for consignments passing through the two ports are paid for. All stakeholders are reassured that TPA will continue to offer them the best services and guaranteed security.
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