Dar RPC retires, deputy Sirro takes over

Outgoing Dar es Salaam Special zone commander Commissioner Suleiman Kova (R ) and his successor Commander Simon Sirro salute during a farewell parade held in his honour yesterday in Dar es Salaam. Commissioner Kova retired after serving the force for 40 years. (Photo: Halima Kambi)
 DAR ES SALAAM Special Police Zone Commissioner Suleiman Kova yesterday bid farewell to the police officers and city residents after serving for post for more than seven years.
In a colourful farewell ceremony held at the Kurasini Police College, Kova announced his retirement from the position saying it was a hard job but he managed to reduce the number of crimes in the city during his tenure.
“After working for years as a regional police commissioner, I am happy to announce that today is my last day in the office and I will hand over the stick to Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Simon Sirro who will become the new Dar es Salaam Regional Police Commander,” he said.
Kova said that among the biggest crime incidents he encountered during his tenure was attack of the Stakishari Police Station in Ukonga.
“Another incident occurred during my period was the helicopter crash when we were with other high profile leaders assessing the impact of the floods that occurred in 2014,” he said.
“Another event was the general election where there was high tension but thank God the election was conducted peacefully,” he said.
Presenting awards to 110 police officers who did well in their duties, Kova urged them to work hard and with integrity and to continue maintaining peace of the city so that it continues to be a role model for the rest of the country.
He also urged Commissioner Sirro to follow his footsteps and ensure people and their belongings are protected 
“Since I decided myself to retire, am now free to be involved in any social activities including to contest in any political positions, doing business and self-employ,” he said.
For his part, Commissioner Sirro said that for all the time he worked with Commander Kova he was like a teacher and he has left the region in peace.
 “We should borrow a leaf from him and work hard like him to ensure that we continue to maintain peace in the city as well as to strengthen our effort to ensure we do more than him,” he said.
The retired Commissioner Kova started his job as a police officer 40 years ago working in different police departments before he became Chief of Investigation in various regions including Kigoma, Arusha, Mwanza and Kinondoni.
He became a Regional Police Commander in Mbeya Region before he was transferred to Dar es Salaam where he worked for seven years since 2008.
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