We fully abide by labour laws, says Jambo Plastics

Minister of State (Prime Minister�s Office) Jenista Mhagama
 Jambo Plastics Ltd, one of the Dar es Salaam-based companies visited by Minister of State (Prime Minister’s Office) Jenista Mhagama on Tuesday, has come out strongly against assertions it says associated it with contravention of Tanzania’s laws.
It was reported by a section of the media on Wednesday that the minister, who is responsible for policy, parliamentary affairs, labour, employment, youth and persons living with disabilities, found during the tour that Jambo Plastics Ltd was one of the companies that operated in violation of country’s labour laws.
But a Jambo Plastics Ltd spokesperson told this paper yesterday that the firm, a manufacturer and exporter of plastic houseware, moulded furniture and industrial containers, has documents on all of its workers in order and pays employees well and on time. 
“Apart from paying statutory social security contributions and due taxes such as skills development levy (SDL), we support our employees with housing allowances and transport as additional benefits,” said the spokesperson.
She said that, as a committed and patriotic Tanzanian investor, the company feels obliged to contribute to the country’s economic development as fully as possible.
She meanwhile expressed hope that the government would reciprocate the gesture by supporting well performing local industries, including by guiding them on the best ways to create more jobs for Tanzanians.
“Just for the record: We were the Overall Winners of the Tanzanian President’s Manufacturer of the Year Award 2013, an achievement we treasure and would not like to water down or negate by associating ourselves with unbecoming treatment of our workforce, customers or anyone else,” said the spokesperson.
She said that, unlike many other industries and members of the business community in Tanzania, “none of our employees is faced with immigration problems of any kind”.
“Because we fully comply with the country’s laws, we have in place officially endorsed labour contracts with all our workers. These were drawn up and entered into by the respective parties under the guidance of the Labour and Employment ministry itself,” she added.
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