Microsoft Corporation And The Curious Case Of Hardware

Microsoft has been one of the biggest names in the markets of software technology. The company has been coming out with some of their apex releases in the world of software technology, especially when we take a closer look at the bigger scheme of things, Microsoft has done a splendid job with the world of operating systems. Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS has been a major renovation in the way things work, and the company has been coming out with update after update which has helped their software and OS division grow. Microsoft Corporation has however, faced a really hard time in the hardware business.
Every time Microsoft has tried to break through the hardware markets, they are met with a major opposition  from their critics as well as their competitors. Here’s a look at everything that’s gone wrong with the company –

XBOX One – The Microsoft XBOX One could have been the apex gaming console in the markets, but is today outnumbered 40 million to 19 million by the PS4. The biggest problem that the XBOX division faced was the fact that the company never really got the start they wanted as they were limited to a few countries. They are still recovering from that.
Mobile Phones – The Windows Mobile idea never really caught on, and the company has been throwing money down the drain over this, hoping that some day the investments would pay off, but there is an absolute lack of demand and Microsoft must end the business before it has them bleed out more than it already has.
Surface Pro and Surface Book – Microsoft, after a few years of the release of this device, suddenly realized that they had struck gold with the Surface series. However, the company has been doing quite well in the recent times with the surface division, but the devices need more visibility and Microsoft Corporation must focus at spending media on the same.

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