Tanzania: Rains Demolish Rukwa School

Sumbawanga — ALL classrooms at Mpona Primary School in Kipeta Ward along the shore of Lake Rukwa Basin, in Rukwa region, have been reduced to debris following the heavy rains that were accompanied by strong, fast winds.

Similarly, the school's latrines have completely been damaged leaving 720 pupils without decent places to relieve themselves. Impeccable reports from the area had it that following the demolition of the public institution several makeshift huts have been built.

But their roofs are prone to leaking during the rainy season. The Sumbawanga District Council 's chairman, Mr Kalolo Ntila, told the 'Daily News' over the phone today that the situation is pathetic for the pupils as they are forced to attend classes in the makeshift huts.

"All classrooms catering for nearly 720 pupils from Class One to Seven, staff room and other buildings have totally been reduced to debris " said Mr Kalolo. He added that school latrines and a house which was accommodating the school teachers has been damaged as well as school property.

Mr Kalolo further said that already 48,000 construction bricks have been made by wananchi in efforts to rebuild the public school.
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