TCU decries failure

Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), the national high education overseer has decried its own failure to meet the five-year plan for the nation’s 51 high academic institutions to produce a minimum of 80,000 skilled  graduants to address the demand for skilled personnel.  
But despite the good number of high academic institutions in Tanzania, the current pattern of the programmes they offer is visibly skewed towards general education as opposed to more specialized disciplines, TCU says.

The five-year plan marking its deadline this year required universities to enroll and train into competence some 80,000 nationals in various disciplines, but there were only 218,959 students of all levels and disciplines in all universities and colleges in the country by last year, while only only 65,000 students have been enrolled this year.

“This calls for enormous additional investments in the higher education sub-sector,” said TCU Executive Secretary Prof Yunus Mgaya in Dar es Salaam yesterday while lauding the Aga Khan University (AKU) for its significant commitment to an ambitious expansion plan in Tanzania and East Africa to recruit future intellectuals.

“We need to have a strong skilled human resource base as projected in the Tanzania first Five Year Development Plan (2011/12 – 2015/16), that among others, focuses on employment of more than 90,000 qualified teachers by the year 2025,” he said during the 11th convocation ceremony of the University.

AKU has awarded degrees to 84 graduands from the Institute for Educational Development, the School of Nursing and Midwifery and the Postgraduate Medical Education programme this year, including 61 with M.Sc in Education, 22 post-RN B.Sc in Nursing and one with Master of Family Medicines, marking the alumni of 552 in the university Tanzania’s chapter.

In spite of the success story, AKU is working out plans to establish principal East African campus in Arusha, a campus for the Institute for Educational Development in Dar es Salaam, a new Aga Khan University Hospital in Kampala and to launch new medical and nursing education programmes in line with expansion of the existing programmes.
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