Police in Arusha kill three heavily-armed 'bandits'

Arusha Regional Police Commander Liberatus Sabas
 Police have killed three suspected bandits armed with AK47 rifles, explosives, machetes and other traditional weapons in Engosheraton-Sinoni in the outskirts of Arusha City. 
Police said they have an accomplice in custody, a woman identified as Nasra, in connection with the incident.
Arusha Regional Police Commander Liberatus Sabas identified one of those killed as Athuman Ramadhani (26) alias ‘Kassimu.’
He said others were yet to be  identified and their corpses were in the morgue at Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha Region for investigation and provide an opportunity for citizens to identify them.
The woman in police custody is said to be the wife of Athuman Ramadhani who died during the gun exchange with the police.
Referring to the incident, Commander Sabas said early Saturday morning they received information from a concerned citizen who claimed that there was a boy suspected to be involved in criminal activities at Engosheraton – Sinoni Ward,.
He said they laid a trap and were able to arrest Athuman after he was found with Explogil TMV6 explosives, 17 water explosives and 10 long ranges explosives. Other items found on him were two big coats and facial masks.
During interrogation the suspect told the police that there were other two colleagues he cooperates with in criminal activities.
“We set up a trap at 11.00 at night. Accompanied by the suspect, we went to his home located near Fire and Rescue office area where the suspect claimed to house his colleagues,” he explained. 
“The police knocked on the door and when it opened, Athuman shouted ‘Takbir!’... after that the suspects started shooting at the police who had gone to arrest them,” he said.
Sabas said using military techniques and tactics, the police were able to stop the attacks, entered the house and found two teenagers who had been wounded by bullets.
Unfortunately, he said, during the gun exchange one police officer got shot by the suspects’ bullet whereas Athuman and the other three suspects died while being rushed to the hospital.
Commander Sabas said the raids took place in the room of the two criminals; the police found five uniforms of the Tanzania People’s Defence Forces (TPDF), five caps, facial masks, one pair of karate garb and one motorcycle with a fake licence plate---MC 983 BMK.
He mentioned other items that were found as two black flags with Arabic inscriptions used by terrorist groups, a metal box and passport belonging to Abrahaman Athuman Kangaa which was issued on April 2, 2013.
Other items were five mobile phones, of which one belonged to the late Mary Joseph, who died in a shooting by unidentified people on February 20, this year, in Engosheraton-Sinoni area.
He also said the police also found a package with gunpowder, one huge knife and paper with a threatening message saying: “My advice to old man Kova, prepare a funeral committee for your police officers. When we are done, we will come for you.”
He said they found AK 47 rifles used to attack the police with registration number 1998-AFV0822 with its magazine and 18 rounds of ammunition.
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