How to Get More Like, Comments, Share and Followers in Your Social Networks.

Written By January Jordan

How to get more like, comments, share and followers in your social networks.

In the recent years of technology advancement, especially in social networks, every person looks for more friends like, comments and followers for the different purpose and impact.  For example in the time people use their social networks like Instagram and Facebook for the target of business and advertisement matter.

Now today I present for you same major ways  that can help to enrich your social networks friends. 

1.       You should thing for the new idea to post, which will make your friends and other, non-friends to like and share your posts.  As you know always people needs the new posts  which will make them laugh, be funny, give lesson and sometime entertain.  For example assume that you create  a video clip for  the funny and posts it in your wall  for the friends to watch, instantly your friend will be  very happy by watching your videos , then they tend to share, comments, like  which will bring more followers and friends in your social networks.

2.       Use friends tag, and friend sharing,  in social network tag and sharing  is intended  to expand your  networks,  this is done in the two ways, sharing and tag can be done by yourself, in that point you will need to tag  all friends  that  you think your familiar with and share you post with friends  and   sometime  you  may post it in  groups and pages. The second way is to ask you friend to tag you and share with you their posts also that increase the opportunity to be seen by many new friends…..

3.       Also you can do this connecting all your social networks in one field. It is possibly to connect twitter with Facebook with pinerest with Instagram in one place, so  when you post in one of your networks automatically it posts in other social field, for example you can use  IFTTT.COM to connect Instagram with face book or twitter. All this bring more friends engagement.

NB: more  lesson about social Networks a coming continue to visit our Blog......

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