How to Easily Recover Your Android Phone Password

How to recover password in phone, Smartphone if you have lose your passwords
Most of the people use Smartphone, with password, this password usually be in two or more form this can be in items of pattern and numerical. Now the following are the ways to recover your phone if your forget your passwords.

ü To the phone with email, Google signup use the following procedures.
ü Inter the wrong password for the at least 5 times continuous
ü You will get the notification that you have interred several wrong passwords.
ü Now request for the new password using your Gmail account
ü Use the different devices login your email and take the code that has sent to your account
ü Use the password to recover your phone and letter on your may change it for more security…..

v Smartphone without Gmail account use the following  procedures
Turnoff your phone/ remove battery and replace
 Then holdup the power button and volume down button simultaneously
 Immediately after the devices started to  switch on release the 2 button (power+ volume down button) and faster hold the menu button 
 After your phone started to recover, you android system will start loading
  Now release the menu button and wait for  the android to reset itself
v Now you can start using you phone as new devices
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