How to Easily Remember and Protect your Password


My dear reader today I want to share with you these new techniques in password protection and remembrance
 It is commonly, many of the Smartphone, computer, tablets and other devices users to lose their password (PW) and other they choose not to use it because they fear to lose it. But once you do not protect your device it is easily for new user to see your secret and important document and be possibly for them to use and change it.
Now you can employ the following ways
1.     Think FOR THE SIMPLE PASSWORD. In that point I mean that, simple password is the one which made by number, Code words or sign that you come close with every day. For example if you love something which you use at office or at home now you can use the name of that tools to be your password, other people use password of their origin place for example look for this MAHEWANI assume this is the thing you love more now you can create password from it  
MahewaniI, or MAHEwani, This is Just an example but you can omit or add words it depend to your interests.
2.     Do not expose you password in public this can make easily for other to use it and theft you thing, make sure always you use your password in secret form
3.     Do not use the same password  in all place like, bank, social networks email, but make it look the same but not similar. For example 1190, 9011, and 1910 you can use this form.
4.     Create password according to the think that you love mostly but do not use you birthday date because it will be easily for the friends to trace it.
5.     Uses the hide password not show password format, because open. Show password allows any devices user to see and use your password.  Look for this
   Open PW                                                                   Hide PW
            2289JI                                                                ******

Unproteced                                                          Protected

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