How to Make Money with Facebook, and Get Up to 2000dollar Per Monthy

First of all think for the ideas to sell to your social networks customer,
Dear viewer to day I present to you on how you can become rich through the use of your social network, like (facebbok, twiter instagram and whataap.

In this world of globalization the only way to be rich is through investing in technology. Now you can ask yourself on how you can earn money through face book?
The answer is simple follow me here
Now think about this as example…… you interested in drawing the funny picture or cartoon and you have talented on it, but  how you can be benefited  from your talent? So do the following,
1) Create a web, blog where your entire cartoon will be published.
2) Each link or cartoon you produce from your blog share with your  friends in all you social networks
3) Since you start getting more viewer in your web, blog now you may do the following to earn money
Ø Request for the sponsors/ advertiser from different companies and they will pay  you depend on your viewer

The dominated international adverting networking include the following
·      Google adsense
·      Taboola
·      Affiliated networking
If you will not get a sponsor you can create your blog to be payper view, this means each person who need to view you cartoon should pay a certain percent in order to get your services
All this will be done only if your share you product with friends in the social networks
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