Important Things to Avoid that May Broke/burn you Facebook and Instagram Account

Important things to avoid that may broke/burn you Facebook and Instagram Account
In the process of protect all unsafe use of Facebook and Instagram account, the administrator; they developed some principle to guide the user. Now in order to avoid that entire circumstance make sure you do not do the following things in your Facebook and Instagram account.

Do not share or publish the unsafe link, these are all links that produced with entrusted sites or user, it normally intents to violate that Facebook user guide line, most of these links includes hacker link, virus link and threatened links, which Facebook determine to be dangerous to you.
Do not publish pornographic contents, here it included link, picture, site and pages and videos that based on adult because adult contents are strictly prohibited by the Facebook guideline. Usually when you publish such kind of content you will be notified that we spam content have been detected please remove content to remain safe. Such kind of message proves that you have against some principle of Facebook and Instagram.

Do not publish and share the gender bias issues. Among the things that Facebook restrict is about the issues of the gender bias and violations in social networks, some people tend to humiliate the women in social networks in different ways other produce abusive language to other depends on gender all these are not acceptable in social what the Facebook owner decide to do is to burn you from accessing some or all features in Facebook.
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