Standards To Be A Beautiful Girl: Ugly Girl In The Past Is a Pretty Girl Today?

Standards To Be A Beautiful Girl: Ugly Girl In The Past Is a Pretty Girl Today?

There are lots of beautiful girls in all ages and all societies. Standards of a girl to be beautiful are different in different cultures and generations.

In the past, a round face and chubby cheeks are what every girl wanted to have. Nowadays, they are afraid of owning a round face, all they hope to have is a pointed chin.

If double-eyelid eyes were an ambition of every woman in the past, single-eyelid eyes are now more popular although big eyes are still not untrendy. Single-eyelid eyes are considered to be more elegant and charming rather than the double-eyelid ones.

Eyebrows which have the shape of willow leaves are really attractive. But it’s just the fact in the past. Some girls do not honor this type of eyebrows no longer. Horizontal eyebrows seem to take over and there is no signal that this trend is going to stop. However, deciding which styles of eyebrows are suitable for you depends on your shape of face, everyone can not have the same eyebrows.

Our mothers and grandmothers had a long black hair when they were still young girls. However, our friends nowadays tend to have their hair cut. They think this style of hair makes them become more attractive and fashionable. Commonly, they will cut their hair until it touches their shoulders.

Although there are different standards of beauty in different generations, we should choose what we consider it to be beautiful, not just catch up the trends or the styles of people around us or celebrities on TV shows.
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